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Join the Loganis Community free and enjoy the benefits of flexible, time-effective, smart and hassle-free reporting! Share your experiences and make use of other professionals’ as well! Differentiate yourself from the mass of PPC and performance agencies through participating in the specialized knowledge of AdWords and Analytics ninjas! Loganis is not a software, it is a service: and in that it is a free one. Why? Because we think people should spend their time analysing data and not struggling to obtain it.

The continuous improvement of Analytics and AdWords functionality creates even greater pressure on PPC and performance agencies to keep up with the changes. Reporting is one of the most complex and time-consuming task among inbound marketers, requiring great knowledge and much time from the agency, making reporting a really tough job, especially if one wants to provide real insights for the clients, not just descriptive metrics without context.

Loganis is a multichannel reporting tool, based on the Analytics API. It provides a free solution for agencies to make complex reporting tasks easier and more time effective.

Even so we believe that a report is as valuable as the knowledge and understanding of the professional who make it. It's very easy to generate mass of reports, which contains many numbers and mass of data, but to create a report which answer not only the what but the why as well, is far from that easy.

Loganis Mission

The main mission of Loganis is to enable real marketing insights instead of pure data and help members to enjoy the power of true analyses in order to meet their business goals quicker and more effective!

Benefits of joining Loganis Community

  • entirely free use of Loganis reporting system in any form you prefer:
    • web interface
    • Excel application
    • or via your in-house programming languages
  • Full functionality, no restrictions
  • Free Access to all pre-defined professional report templates
  • Facility of making full private reports for your clients
  • Sharing and exporting your reports

Who do we seek?

We seek members who are active, productive and helpful in the community. People who share their ideas, publish charts or dashboards they created and get feedback about the work.

Promote your own media platform using smart data-driven reports and accelerate your client’s performance. Don’t be evil - make the world a better place, impression-by-impression.