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As an agency, you clearly understand the complexity and difficulty of today’s analytical reporting. Numbers and data keep coming from various sources, Google adopts changes in Analytics and AdWords all the time, social marketing is a must, mobile and video getting more and more important. Agencies try to swim with the tide but it’s not easy. We can generate reports by answering the clients’ simple questions, like "how should I increase ROI on my digital marketing?". Extracting information out of data is very time consuming and expensive. Clients are rarely willing the pay the real price for it and evenbif they do they don’t necessary have the background knowledge to understand our report.

Simple, powerful, flexible, cost-effective reporting solution

Impress your clients with powerful, easy-to-understand Loganis Dashboards. You can use or professional templates just with a few click and provide awesome reports, which are understandable for CEO’s as well. Make complex reports with ease, compare AdWords and Facebook performances quickly. Make reports within minutes instead of hours, increase your profit while decrease your workload.

Loganis is a cost effective, flexible, powerful solution, that enables you to focus on optimizing instead of reporting.


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for Agencies

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