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PPC, Social, Mobile, Video and Content marketing are just a few buzzwords, we should be very familiar with, to survive in today’s digital marketing world. The available tools, platforms and techniques keep coming resulting in such an information and data overload, which is hardly impossible to manage as a CEO or CMO. We need answers for our marketing and business questions, but don’t have time to train ourselves to become online marketing expert. If we work for bigger companies with a dedicated online marketing team, we get many reports, but can hardly use them, because they are overcomplicated and don’t provide the real insights we need.

What if you could check any time within a few click the performance of you AdWords and Facebook campaign, in a way you understand?

Get Control, get Answers - Get Loganis

Loganis is a simple, easy-to-understand yet powerful reporting tool, which was developed by online marketing and professional analytics and data experts. It saves time and money by transforming complex digital marketing data into actionable KPI’s.

Take the advantage of our reporting system and focus on business instead of data! You can use our marketing insights template to get the answers you need, all within minutes, or if you prefer you can get you customized, unique dashboards. We can assist your agency to create the best solution for your business. You can export and share the charts or dashboards with your boss or colleagues.


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Get Control, get Answers - Get Loganis

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